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Dennis Grieve

Owner and President of Salmon River Innovations, LLC, brings years of mechanical and innovative experience to the company. He started building his own car at age fourteen (a 1932 Ford 5-window coupe). With his father handling the wiring, Mr. Grieve completed everything else on the car on his own.

His father patented a safety device for ski area chairlifts 1969. Not only did it prevent the chairlift cable from derailing, but also enabled the ski areas to unload all passengers safely at the top of the mountain instead of having them climb down a rope from the chair to the ground.

While working as a supervisor for a major construction company in Colorado installing natural gas lines, Mr. Grieve serviced multiple pieces of heavy equipment as part of his day-to-day responsibilities. While performing service on this equipment, Dennis conceived the idea of the Air Filter Blaster to clean air filters and save the company thousands of dollars every year on filter replacement costs and fuel consumption.

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